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November 28, 2009

Glass is the new black !

An article in the newspaper today suggested that within the next 10 years nearly all new buildings or 'sky-scrapers' are going to be made from glass! They even gave a brief 'artists' image of what London and New York may look like when this craze finally takes hold.

I must say that skyscrapers made out of glass sound fantastic, and you only have to take one small look at 'The Gherkin' in London to see why!

I have also seen an uprise in the number of old mills being turned into blocks of flats lately and they are beautiful. Home Improvement ? Sure. City and town improvement? Most definately.

I mean I love older more architecturally ripe designs but lately I have been seeing just how glass is going to shape our future. Lets just hope a window doesn't smash :O.

What are your views? Feel free to comment :)


Christine said...

I saw that article too. The Guardian right? Well I definately think that glass is going be much more widely used within cities across the UK.

I have been to New York also and many of the building there are like 75% glass, but the article said we could be seeing buildings made out of up to 90% glass.

Thanks for the post :) Keep it up.

An Improvement Fanatic said...

Yeah it did. I've been to New York too did you go to the 'Opollo' building? it is like a small dome constructed with one piece of glass - looks like a ball cut in half.

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