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November 29, 2009

Metal Garden Sheds from Asgards

I have decided that in order to fully call myself a 'green person' I must move my sustainability projects in to my garden. The first thing I realized when I stepped through my back door was my broken down wooden shed. Ahhh I thought as I walked up to it 'this has to go' - and over the next 2 hours I dismantled the spider-ridden behemoth and took it to my local skip.

I was utterly exhausted after this, and so decided to just head on home and take a look on the internet for some sheds. This is when I found a fantastic surprise - Metal Sheds.

Metal is far better for the environment than the use of wood as it lasts a good 5 years longer and increases the overall safety of you garden possessions. It also reduces the demand on the timber industry and so actively promotes sustainability.

As this home improvement blog is all about helping you make the right choice during a project I just feel the need to share with you the very affordable prices from Asgards. 

All products come with a 10 year guarantee and each and every one of them will be delivered to your door. I have just bought my Metal Garden Shed and so can finally call myself green!


HyunChard said...

What one needs to care about is to prepare an appropriate outline/plans to deal with.
I have kept this post open all day long so I can keep looking at this gorgeous inspiration! I've loved backyard sheds and cottages since I was a kid and my grandparents had TWO in their backyard,Tough to beat that level of adorable. Neither, of course, looked as lovely as these. But really... I'm not sure I've ever seen any of these amazing cheap sheds in real life.

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