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December 10, 2009

Christmas: Should I buy a real tree or an artificial one?

Okay let me cut to the chase. Christmas trees are a necessity during the festive season, they resemble 100 years of tradition and speak for children across the world (not literally though as trees can't speak!).

And so without any shadow of a doubt you should not be a humbug and not have a tree for Christmas, the big question here though is should you buy a real one or an artificial one?

Well I use an artificial one and have used the same one for 3 years running. And so obviously artificial ones have a significant life span advantage over organic ones and also cost far less over that period of time. Having an artificial tree also means that it will never look dead or brown and you will never need to get your Vacuum Cleaner out on your trees behalf - which is a real home improvement top tip :).

Artificial trees are also much safer than organic ones as they are fire resistant (unless yours is over 4 years old) and not spiky! My friend had a horrible incident where her dog got a tree thistle stuck in her eye! Definately not what you want at Christmas time.

Artificial trees are also better for the environment in that for every year your artificial tree is kept the number of organic trees cut down reduces (for example I have had mine 3 years, therefore 3 less trees have needed cutting down) and so if you join the 'artificial club' you are actively promoting forest sustainability whether you know it or not.

I can't completely belittle the organic tree though - for one thing you can never beat the smell of a fresh organic tree which completely sets the mood for christmas. Not only that but new breeds of tree are now available which have the same strength as artificial ones which is perfect for those heavy lights and decorations.

Also an organic tree kind of resembles a cosy Christmas Home and so if you feel you just are not ready to lose that feeling then the organic tree is for you.

When I was younger I always remember the organic tree as artificial ones were much rarer. People whom have real trees are also more likely to have more guests round as it shows a high level of Christmas spirit.

And so if you like the feeling of helping forests and not having to trail to your garden centre for a tree every year then the artificial tree is for you - it is safer and more practical.

But if you like the idea of having a new tree every year and witnessing first hand the Christmas smells it brings then the organic tree is for you - it shows a higher level of Christmas Spirit.


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