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December 04, 2009

Beautiful Mirrors for real home improvement

Whether you are trying to add light or dimension to a room or you are just looking to change things up a bit, it doesn't mean that you have to totally remodel your room. One of the best ways to put a new spin on a space and stay on budget is by using decorative mirrors. When used correctly, mirrors have the ability to completely change the look of a room, any room. Read on for to discover the many interior design uses of mirrors.

Create something really special by using a small mirror to highlight an object of interest in the room. Take for instance, a gorgeous vase or work of art, it will greatly benefit from the reflection provided by the mirror. The mirror can also be positioned to show the design on the hidden side of the piece, that way none of the surfaces are neglected.

If you have a table or other flat surface that has over the years, acquired unfortunate scratches, cover the surface with a mirror to hide the blemishes. By doing this, you not only save the damaged furniture; you also save time not having to work on refinishing the piece. A reflective table is a great addition to any living room set.

Use small mirrors to keep the look of your house ever changing. Use one to bring attention to a certain section of the room, and then move it elsewhere the following week. Clusters of small mirrors can also be really beautiful. By experimenting, you'll find the best use of reflection to make your home appear brighter and more spacious.

Use large mirrors to add to the apparent size of a room. When placed on either side of a fireplace, ceiling-to-floor reflections can make a room appear much larger. It also adds depth and dimension that the room might not have had before. You can also then position your furniture, plants, and other objects so that they are reflected in interesting ways. Keep playing with them until you find the position that you like.

Place groups of small mirrors between windows for extra light reflection. If you have a turn on your staircase, consider placing a floor mirror there, you'll be amazed at the interesting angles created by the reflections.

Make it easier to see what's on the top shelf of your cabinet by using mirrors on the ceiling of the cabinets. See if what you are looking for is there before you grab the step-ladder. The same rule applies to basement windows. By placing two mirrors facing each other at 45 degree angles from the window, you create a periscope effect. This gives you a clear view of your well-kept lawn and garden.

For entertaining, use reflective place mats. When used in combination with sparkling glassware, this will make your dinner parties shine like never before. Try out all your glassware and silverware to find the best combination. Keep a few small mirrors too for decorating the table, and you'll have everybody's eyes twinkling.
Decorative mirrors are an easy and inexpensive way to create a whole new look for your home.


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