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December 05, 2009

Living room ideas: What sort of personality are you?

The contempory or 'modern' living space features neutral colours and softened lines

The Cottage design is colourful and has a confortable feel to it. Perfect for the country :D

If you want a mixture of both Cottage and Modern then go for eclectic - perfect for a couple who can't agree!

Traditional - this type of living space features furnishing which is consistent and has stood the test of time.

And so these are the main categories. Me? My living room is modern but with a traditional twist. 

My coffee table is early nineteenth century whilst my sofa is a corner variety in a black/brown leather. For real home improvement go for whatever you fancy! Home improvement is all about what improves your own self being and creates a happy feeling within yourself.

There are many different reasons you may want to renovate your living space and feel free to leave me your ideas in comments! And don't forget to e-mail your latest pictures of home projects :) (I will put them up as a post!). I am currently trying to gain a few more followers on this blog and so if you have a Google e-mail account don't forget to click follow on my sidebar :D.


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