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December 08, 2009

Top tips for a perfect and cosy Christmas home

I love Christmas, it's the excuse I need to inject some bejeweled colours and sparkle back into the home. I always try to decorate my home from top to bottom and do so by re-using last years decorations and the new stuff I bought months ago (yes I plan ahead). To me christmas is all about real home improvement.

Just some simple and stylish touches (like using bows) can set the scene and guarantee your home is the only place you and your guests will want to be this holiday. Nothing major is needed to apply christmas spirit in your home - just a few tassles here and there will do the trick.

Oh Christmas tree, Ohhh Christmas Tree! Shalalalala. Your Christmas tree is your centre stage. The Christmas Tree to people across the UK (and the world) is the heart of the festive season. 

And so without any shadow of a doubt you should have one < and if you do not, well, then you are a humbug! I have an artificial tree as it is much more sustainable then a real one (and real ones cost too much). If you do opt for a real tree then get one which is full and a vibrant green with thick branches as to hold up baubles effectively. 

This year I have decorated my tree in silver and blue tinsel with silver and blue baubles. My lights are white and have various settings. You should decorate your tree how you like however, and if you have children I am sure that you will not have a choice in how it looks :D. Just make sure it looks nice and won't fall over easily! ouch.

As for around your home, my first tip is to use candles to soften the lighting around your home. Candles (especially scented ones) are a fantastic accessory to any home and not just at Christmas. Try opting for festive candles which are red in colour and have a scent of cherry or strawberry. They are also green as they need no electricity and can last for months! You don't need to spend a bomb on candles (it is easy to do so trust me, some places sell a candle for like £20!!). I have a few candles going on right now mainly in my living room, and my partner loves having them in the bathroom (stress relief is a wonderful thing).

My second tip is to keep your presents under your Christmas tree (providing you have no children who will rip them open). The reason you should do this is because in every film ever made to do with christmas all the presents are always under the tree. And so it is natural to assume that at christmas presents under a tree are quite symbolic < My mum always used to have presents under the tree too - sure I looked at them and I also shook them, but to be honest I grew out of it :).

Also if you have a fireplace (mine is currently just a hole as it is being replaced) then decorate it properly! Go all out with holly branches and stockings for those little presents that might get lost, and heck you could even chuck on a christmas card or too :). 

So what do you have planned for this christmas? Have you already put up your tree? Has everybody done their Christmas shopping yet? No? I have! :D. I only have one more thing to buy and am doing that tomorrow. 

Send in your comments on how you make your home cosy for Christmas and I will gladly post about all of them tomorrow and during the week. You can do so by either commenting on this or any other post or mailing me direct with a picture at jakkbloggs at gmail dot com.



SEO Packages said...

I have a giant Santa on my roof at Christmas :D. This year I have a snow machine too for the backgarden (I didn't buy it, it is a friends). :)


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