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December 07, 2009

Fixing my broken lock: Real home improvement?

Could you consider this real home improvement? I mean, It's not as if today I underwent a kitchen refurbishment project or living room re-decorating session. To be honest the task of replacing my own bathrom lock should have been a very simple task - I had my very own purpose purchased Phillips screws and all the tools I could conjur up (and yes that includes a Phillips Screwdriver) :).

My bathroom door is an artficial wood effect fire door job and is purely there due to the fact my house is a new build - which has to comply with building project safety regulations - basically it is a door to cover their own backs in case of a fire - mind you, I'm sure I wouldn't be complaining if a fire was going on and I was trapped behind it!

And so off I went upstairs from my garage and set my toolbox down on the floor and gazed down at the lock. 
That was when it hit me that the screws were simply not visible from the outside, s***. And so I then spent 10 minutes working out exactly how to bl**dy replace the lock, I could see the manufacturers name imprinted and also the type of lock which read 'GRIDLOCK - Rotalatch'.

So I did a search on the internet and found the manufacturers instructions on some sort of DIY website and set to work. Here is a picture of the lock in question:

I unscrewed the lock at the side and then detached the 'Rotalach' and then fed the new 'Rotalatch' in. To be honest I could tell you what was wrong with the lock except that I have no idea - it just didn't seem to have any defects that I could see of! (Or i'm just blind and incompetent).

And thats my story for the day!. . . Rubbish isn't it :(. Nothing exciting has happened today and all the e-mails I have recieved from loyal readers aren't suitable for posts :/. . . I could just copy and paste some 'article' from the internet but wheres the fun in that? I'd rather bore you to death with this than become a paid blogger shmuck (no offense, you do what you have to do to get by :) ).

And so what was supposed to be a simple task unfortunately ended up to be a tiresome one. Ahhh, cup of tea anybody?


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