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December 01, 2009

A touch of colour anybody?

An affordable new way to decorate windows and glass doors with the beauty of stained glass has been introduced by Wallpaper For Windows™! The Deco Tint™ collection features a decorator’s palette of 12 stained glass colors that can be arranged and combined to give a new look to existing windows and glass doors.

The picture above shows an example of just one of the options people could choose from. Each panel colour is available either as see through or 'privacy' which would be suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms.

The prices range from £14.95 - £99.95 which although could be pricey for some is vastly cheaper and more cost reductive than actual stained glass.

The panels can be used on glass doors, shower enclosures, cabinet doors or even glass tables for that extra spark. Each panel offers key UV protection from direct sunlight and offers everybody the opportunity to be a little bit creative. Another great feature is how easy Deco Tints are to measure, trim to size and apply; which requires only water and the included squeegee. The tint films are adhesive-free, so they can be removed and reapplied if needed.

If you would like to find out more go to www.wallpaperforwindows.com for a full list of products and the latest prices.


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