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December 09, 2009

Design ideas: Wallpaper

Ughh. Gone are the days of old patterned wallpaper that is remeniscent of my Grandma's old home. Dark colours are also out and bright vibrant colours are in, actually I tend to see more painted walls nowadays (especially in my friends houses) than wallpapered ones - which is fine, except for the fact that wallpaper when chose correctly can make your room look bigger than it actually is and make a bold statement of your own personality.

Paint nowadays seems to be cheaper than wallpaper, and so for people renovating their own home or house buyers who want to 'refurb' a house to sell it on are choosing it over wallpaper everytime. 

I have wallpaper in my home and I love it - for a start It keeps my room warmer and is designed to be asthetically pleasing. My home is quite modern and so I have gone for this wallpaper which you can see below;

It goes well with my wooden flooring and desk from Ikea! :D (yes its a flat-pack job but who cares?). I use this wallpaper in my small bedroom turned office where I am writing this! You like? Yeah, its an aquired taste but I warmed to its modern feel - Its only on one side anyway and the other 3 sides are painted white (and yes I know this post is about wallpaper design ;) ).

Just another home improvement blogs and my advice is to pick a wallpaper that you feel comfortable with and is eye-catching at the same time. The last thing you want is a wallpaper which looks outdated after one year and then you having to replace it (which costs money and also isn't really promoting sustainable foresting).

Places I personally would never have wallpaper are the bathroom and kitchen as paper is a master at soaking up both moisture and dirt which will result in a tarnished and dirty looking wall. You can get wallpaper for bathrooms and kitchens now which is waterproof on the exposed side but don't bother, it is both old fashioned and in my opinion too costly.

Places definately to have some wallpaper are the bedroom (for example where your bed head board is) and the living area as wallpaper can make homes feel more inviting! Which I am sure with Christmas coming up is very important for family and guests.

Home Improvement superstores such as Homebase or B&Q (UK readers know what I am talking about) are good at offering a large variety of wallpaper to suit each individual room in your house. I however bought mine from a small sole trader about 2 miles from where I live as the designs there are remarkeable (Just like some people shop at the butchers instead of Tesco's meat counter I shop at sole traders for home improvement supplies :D *thumbs up*).

So there we are :) oh and if you recently wallpapered your home or any rooms then send in your pics! And don't forget to comment on this or any other post of interest :). Every week I post up to 10 'Hot Pic's' from people around the world so give me an e-mail.


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