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December 03, 2009

Is Green Tax a con? And should you take down those energy saving lightbulbs?

For many people (including myself) I have over the last year made some vast improvements to my home in terms of making it more eco-friendly. Ways in which I did this were to turn off all stand by buttons, have a shower and not a bath, buy house plants and get new insulation within my walls and attic.

I was actually beginning to think I had changed the world. Until yesterday. I read an article in the newspaper about an interview with a Global Warming expert who basically is widely regarded as the best there is. Basically it was about how global warming has always happened - over millions and millions of years the worlds climate has shifted and all of this has 100% nothing to do with any Co2 emissions.

What!? Yep, you read this right - all the Co2 we humans produce is doing nothing to our climate - infact, he also said that global warming will happen and all we can do is prepare and stop wasting our time trying to help because nothing we do will help.

And so it begs the question why on earth are we getting taxed on how green our home is and why are people that suck up to the government by buying insulation directly through their third party businesses getting browny points. Well, I guess thats because the government issues them. Ching Ching < $ _ $ > << Thats Gordon Brown.

I have now completely replaced all my energy saving bulbs with normal ones - just for the fact that I may be spending 30p a month more but atleast I shall be able to see what I am doing, instead of knocking my Peace Lilly over (again, oops). What are all you loyal readers thinking? Its not to do with home improvement? Okay, sure. But figure this - now you won't have to bend over whenever Mr Gordon tells us to replace all bulbs and any other pointless green tactic he devises. I have left a link at the bottom of the page for you - read it. See the comments section? Yeah? Great, notice how everybody is so hacked off? Thats how I feel and thats how you should all feel. Oh well thats enough of a rant for me. Peace.



Anonymous said...

I saw the exact same thing. Green Tax is a con however living green isn't (which you haven't implied anyway :D). Thanks for the post and keep up with the terrific content :D

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